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Out of Stock - 9mm, 6 " Insert 7.5mm Ring - Bi-Polar Electrode
This new bi-polar product will definitely fill your estim thirst and we will predict it to be a popular product among those who enjoy estim and urethral inserts. Definitely worth the price for a bi-polar insert.
Made from heavy-duty polished stainless steel, the six inch urethral insert has varying diameters ranging from 9.0 mm at the tip with two sets of three 8.0mm oblong beads with a longer oblong shape in the middle.
Current is passed to it using a snap connector at the top of the insert and then on to a 4x2mm conductive glans loop with adjacent stimulator balls for a more focused sensation.  A PES low profile pinch style lead or our Snap adapter or adapter wire make it easy and provides a secure connection.  The adjustable glans loop is then threaded into heavy-duty plastic separators mounted inside the 8mm corona ring.  The insert and intensity balls can be removed if one wishes to use only the conductive glans loop.  Any combination can be set up as the user sees fit, which makes this a great bi-polar device. A picture showing the exact specifications is shown below.
NOTE: The picture below is not the actual size of the insert diameters.  It is 9mm at the tip and 8mm for  the center beads. The manufacturer sent 9mm instead of the normal 8mm ordered.
A full anatomy of this product is also pictured below. 

For variety, if you find that this particular insert might be just a bit too large right now, you can always purchase our flexible urethral insert accessory in a 6mm diameter that will work perfectly with the glans loop.  This optional flexible insert also "cums" (pun intended) is various lengths, ranging from 4" to up to 8" inches.  An option for a hollow stainless steel tip is also available. 


Assembled photos of this product are below, so you have an idea of how it looks all together ready for action.  :)

UrethralToys/CoronaRingWithSSInsert-2.jpg  UrethralToys/CoronaRingWithSSInsert-1.jpg

Item #BPWith6Insert

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $49.95

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