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Combo Conductive Cloth & Corona Ring

Very affordable dual combo electrodes to make your cock stand at attention and drool (pun intnded).  At least that is our desired result. :)


CockAndBalls/ComboEClothAndCoronaRing-3.jpg  CockAndBalls/ComboEClothAndCoronaRing-4.jpg


The conductive sleeve has a male snap connection and the corona ring is connected with a regular TENS pin (2mm).  Note that the corona ring has the connection tube going over the top of the head and through the corona ring itself.  If you just wanted to use the ring by itself, you could remove the tube and just plug a TENS pin into it, but be careful not to have the TENS pin touching the head as this may result in a stinging and burning situation on the tender skin of the head. OUCH!! :( Or you could cut the tubing off and leave a little, enough to completely cover the TENS pin and avoid this situation at all.


A lead wire is included, but has a 2.5mm audio connection for the power box.  If you have a power box that uses a 3.5mm audio connection, you can simply get one of our 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female adapters that converts the included lead with one adapter. If you have a TENS unit, you can use a TENS to 2.5mm female adapter or a TENS socket to 2.5m female adapter to do the same thing.  If you have a TENS pin lead, a very simple adapter to connect the cloth is one of our Snap to TENS pin adapters.

One may need to add water or water based lube under the conductive cloth to get the best electrical results making sure the skin conducts with the cloth adequately.  After each use, be sure to wash and rinse the cloth out well and allow to thoroughly dry.  You can squeeze the excess water out after washing and rinsing, but don't pull and stretch it too much, as it may tend to lose its elesticity over time.

The diagram below shows the elastic conductive cloth measurements before you stretch it over Mr. Happy.


As also pictured below, the elastic does stretch to fit almost any diameter.


Item #ClothAndRing

Regular price $17.95 

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