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6mm Beaded SS Insert with 7.5mm Corona Stimulator
Now you can get the same corona stimulator with a smaller 7.5mm diameter urethral beaded insert.  We found that sometimes the 9mm diameter we offer is just a bit too large for some of our customers.
This device uses Snap connections for the corona ring and at the top of the stainless steel beaded insert to make connecting it easy and secure.   There are two plastic separators embedded into the corona ring that keeps the current away from the conductive silicone that goes over the head and into the insert.  Should you choose not to use the small focusing beads due to sensitivity or find that they cause "hot" spots, simply remove them and re-insert the tubing into the plastic separators. 
Should you find that the corona ring is too large, simply take the Snap connection off of the ring, wrap the conductive silicone around the penis head to where it is comfortable, mark where you want to cut it and trim it off.  Make sure the you do not cut too much off or it may be too tight when you get an erection.  You want to be sure that the ring touches the skin when flaccid and also will be snug, but not too tight when Mr Happy cums to life.  :)
Remember too, should you wish to use this electrode with a softer, more bendable insert, take a look at our Insert Accessory item that can be added and will give you a variety of urethral sensations.
The lead wire shown below is for illustration purposes only.  This lead is not included with the insert.  If  you have a TENS unit with TENS pins, simply purchase a TENS socket to Snap adapter. If you have banana sockets at the end of your leads, you can purchase a couple of Banana Socket to Snap adapter cables.

Item #6mmCorBeadIns

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $39.95

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