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Bi-Polar Electro Chastity Cage A178-C

CBT Chastity with a twist!!  Electricity!!  Now you or that special other can have it both ways.  An effective chastity device for general use and if you wish to heat things up a bit, simply plug two TENS pins from the leads of any power box to it and let the fun begin.  :)  The soft silicone conductive electrodes, each measure 2" at the longest point and then triangulate and taper to the underside half of the head, providing plenty of surface area to heighten the excitement.

Unlike many of the chastity cages on the market, this one does not have a round retaining ring, but an ergomomic one for more comfort.  Once the anatomic plastic retainer is placed snugly around the base and balls, just slide the plastic housing over the cock and place the included padlock onto the locking mechanism and you are good to go.  Three retainer rings are included, so you can select the best fit for the user.  The largest is 2.25" in width and wraps around to 2" in diameter from the bottom to the top.  The medium is 2" wide and 1.75" in diameter from bottom to top.  The smallest retaining ring is 1.75" wide with a diameter of 1.5" from the bottom to the top. 

Take your new toy to the next level, and devious at that, by hooking this up to a remote estim box or to one that has a microphone and any sound big or small will set the user squirming or dancing with excitement or pain.  :)


  CockAndBalls/Bi-PolarChastityCage-3.jpg  CockAndBalls/Bi-PolarChastityCage-1.jpg


 A 2.5mm male audio lead with 2mm TENS pins is also included with this kit.  However, this lead wire is made for Rimba, Zeus and other power boxes that have a 2.5mm female socket connection at the box.  If your power box already has leads with TENS pins, you can set this lead wire aside and use your own lead wires.  If you have banana pins at the end of your lead wire, you can always convert them to TENS pins with Banana Socket to TENS pin adapters.  These can be found in our Wiring and Adapter main section of the product categories page. If you just need lead wires with TENS pins, and have a 3.5mm power box lead connection, you will find these too in the Wiring and AdapterSection on this web site. 

To make this a single-pole device, it can be done easily with an all TENS Joiner or Splitter Wire.






Item #BPCageA178-C

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