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 Cock and Balls  

1/4" Diameter No-Needle Syringe

How Many Do You Want?

Regular price $1.99 


Glans Cover & Urethral Insert Holder Soft Silicone

What Size?

Regular price $3.95 


Lube Syringe (no-needle)

Regular price $3.99 

The Knobby Cock and Ball Restraint

Regular price: $6.99  Special price $4.99


Silicone Gentle Ball Tugger - Clear

Regular price: $6.95  Special price $5.95


Silicone Cock Ring and Ball Splitter

Regular price $5.95 

1.25" Round Tan Premium TENS pads 4-Per Package

I want a second package

Regular price $6.95 


Silicone Dual Stretch to Fit Cock and Ball Ring Set

Regular price $6.95 


Conductive Cloth Estim Erection Ring

Regular price $6.95 

Two Glans Covers with Open Top for Various Uses

Regular price $6.95 


Glans Covers with Closed Top - Various Uses 2 - Pack

Regular price $6.95 


SPECIAL Buy One Get One Free - Electro Penis Pads

Regular price: $8.95  Special price $7.95

Out of Stock-Clear Stretchy Silicone Cock Sheath w/Scrotum Ring

Regular price $7.95 


TENS Pads Package of 4 - 2" x 2", 1.5" x 1.5" and 2" x 4"

What size do you want?
Buy one package, get the second for 1/2 price:

Regular price $8.95 


Out of Stock - Spring Thing for the Glans - Short Style

Connector Type?

Regular price $8.95 

Erection Ring - All Silicone

Regular price $8.95 


Choker Jr. with Spring Clip Hold-Down

Choose 4x2 tube or solid cord below:

Regular price: $10.95  Special price $9.95


NEW - Shaft E-Buddy

What Length of Strip do you want?
Do you need a piece of 4x2mm Conductive Tube?

Regular price $9.95 

Nipple/Clit Single Pole Spring Electrodes-Set of Two

Regular price: $11.95  Special price $9.95


Out of Stock - Single-Pole Nipple or Clit Clips - Set of Two

Regular price: $15.95  Special price $9.95


Erection Spreader 4-Rings for the cock and balls

Regular price $9.95 

Parallel Bi-Polar Conductive Electrode

Choose the Tubing Size:

Regular price $10.95 


Mamba Cock Sheath Extension - Flesh and Black

What Color Do You Want?

Regular price: $19.95  Special price $10.95


Clear Sensations Vibrating Penis Enhancer

Regular price: $15.95  Special price $11.95

Out of Stock - Head Thing for Electrifying the Glans

What Size Do You Want ?

Regular price $11.95 


Choker with Double-Hole Cord Lock

Regular price $12.50 


THE STRANGLER-1/4" Conductive Silicone Loop

Regular price $12.95 

Strangler with Double-Hole Cord Lock

Regular price: $13.95  Special price $12.95


Set of Two - Cock & Ball Cond Cloth

Regular price $12.95 


Out of Stock - Spring Thing for the Shaft

What Style Connector?

Regular price $12.95 

Out of Stock - Big Spring Thing -Short - for the Shaft

Clip Connector Type:

Regular price $12.95 


Big Spring Thing - Long - For the Shaft

Connector Type?

Regular price $13.95 


Out of Stock - Spring Thing Shaft and Partial Head

What Size Do You Want ?

Regular price $13.95 

Big Choker

Regular price $13.95 


Silicone Sleeve for Vacuum Pumps

Regular price: $17.95  Special price $14.95


Nipple/Cock 3/4" Round Magnetic Electrodes Set of 2

Regular price: $18.95  Special price $14.95

Out of Stock - Nipple Sponge Vac Electrodes Set of 2

Regular price $14.95 


Out of Stock Hunky Junk c-Ring - 3 - Ring Pack Cock or Ball Rings

Regular price $14.95 


Big Strangler 8mm (5/16") Conductive Loop

Want a Second Big Strangler ?

Regular price $14.95 

NEW ITEM - Dorsal Trigger by Joanne - Yellow or Red

What Color?

Regular price $14.99 


Stretch-n-Stim Extension Rods

Regular price $15.00 


Choker - Bi-Polar

Regular price $15.95 

The Hallows Cum Thru Barbell Silicone Penis Plug

Regular price $15.95 


Out of Stock - Single-Pole Combination E-Clamp

Connection Type:

Regular price $15.95 


Out of Stock - Spring Thing for the Shaft and Head - 3 Sizes

What Size Do You Want ?

Regular price $15.95 

Squeeze My Shaft - Pump and Stay Hard !!

Regular price $15.95 


Mini-Multi Clamp - Single Pole Electrode

How many do you want?

Regular price $16.95 


Estim Adjustable Conductive 6mm Cock Loop 2mm Pin

Regular price $16.95 

Inflatable Doughnut for Cock or Balls

Regular price: $18.95  Special price $16.95


Bi-Polar Ball/Cock Sack Exciter

Regular price: $24.95  Special price $16.95


SPECIAL - Sample Conductive Silicone Package


Regular price $17.95 

Combo Conductive Cloth & Corona Ring

Regular price $17.95 


Annex Clear Ball Splitter and Erection Enhancer

Regular price $17.95 



What Color Do You Want?

Regular price $18.00 

Out of Stock - TRI-SPORT Sportsling by ATOMIC JOCK

What Color Do You Want?

Regular price $18.95 


Out of Stock -Wartenberg Electrified Single-Pole Electro-Wheel

Regular price $18.95 


Out of Stock - Electrified Heavy Cock Head Ring w/Snap Connection

What Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price $18.95 

8MM Conductive Rubber Cock Loop with Yellow ABS

Regular price $18.95 


Out of Stock - Ring Master Custom Ball Stretcher Kit

Regular price $18.95 


Out of Stock - Magnetic Cock and Ball Ring 1.25" ID

Regular price $19.95 

Out of Stock 4.5" Bi-Polar Cock Sheath with Male Snap Connections

Regular price $19.95 


Thunder & Lightning Urethral Bi-Polar Device

What Insert Diameter Do You Want ?

Regular price: $24.95  Special price $19.95



Want a Piece of 4x2mm Tubing?
What Diameter Do You Want ?

Regular price $19.95 

Out of Stock - Bipolar Estim Penis Play Conductive Cock Loop

Regular price $19.95 


Single-Pole Electro Gloves with Silver Conductive Fibers

Regular price $19.95 


Out of Stock - Estim Bipolar Conductive 6mm Rubber Cock Loop

Regular price $19.95 

NEW - Bi-Polar Head Exciter

Regular price $19.95 


Thunder Sticks - 2 -12" Long E-Stim Flexible 8mm E-Sticks

Regular price $19.95 


Multi Electro-Clamp Single-Pole Electrode

Single or a Pair of Clamps?

Regular price $20.95 

Squeeze My Sac by Master Series

Regular price $21.95 


Out of Stock - 2" Dia Cond Cock/Base Ring with Snap Connections

Regular price $21.95 


Out of Stock - AIR super-lite airflow cockring


Regular price $21.95 

Out of Stock - Vibrating Penis, Nipple, Clit Massager

Regular price $21.95 


FLXUR 10 Speed Head Vibrator

Regular price $21.95 


The Chokers - TWO For $22.00

Regular price $22.00 

SPECIAL - Bi-Polar Conductive Silicone Cock & Ball Rings

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $22.95


Out of Stock - Tri-Squeeze by OxBall's

What Color?

Regular price $22.95 


Out of Stock - SLINGSHOT a 3-ring teardrop sling by hŁnkyjunk

What Color Do You Want ??

Regular price $22.95 

Rebel Ball Stretcher with D-Ring

Regular price $23.95 


Electro Rings System From E-Stim Systems

Regular price $24.90 


Conductive Silicone Strap 1" x 10" with D-Rings

Please Specify Connection Choice:

Regular price $24.95 

Bi-Polar Strangler - 6x2mm Conductive Loop

Regular price $24.95 


Choker & Strangler with Cord Locks

Regular price $24.95 


Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weights

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $24.95 

Out of Stock - 12 Speed Head Vibrator/Ejaculator

Regular price: $29.95  Special price $24.95


Mega Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Regular price: $34.95  Special price $24.95


Bi-polar Estim Penis Conductive Glans Cock Loop/Ring

Regular price $24.95 

Thin-Walled Conductive Tubing - Now in 4 Sizes

What Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price $25.00 


Single Pole Electrified Tri-Ring's - In Two Sizes

Please Indicate the Size:
Choose Your Connection Type:

Regular price: $29.95  Special price $25.95


1.75" Thick Wall V2000 Conductive Liner

What Length of 1-3/4" Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price: $28.95  Special price $25.95

Out of Stock - Nipple/Penis/Clit Electro Vacuum Cups

Regular price: $29.95  Special price $25.95


Stainless Steel Ball Crusher - W and W/O Estim

Choose Your Electrical Connection:

Regular price: $27.95  Special price $25.95


2.25" Diameter Conductive Silicone Tubing 6" & 12" Lengths

I Want a Six Inch Piece.
I Want a Foot of this Product:

Regular price $26.95 

Silicone Chastity Cage

Regular price $27.95 


Super Stretchy Bi-Polar Ball Blaster

Regular price $27.95 


ABS 6mm Conductive Rubber Cock Loop & Insulator

Regular price $27.95 

Heavy Duty Hand Pump with Two Electro-Cups

Regular price $28.95 


Out of Stock - Bell Shaped Stainless 8 Oz Magnetic Ball Weight

Regular price $28.95 


Stainless Milking Cylinder for Vacuum Machine

Regular price $28.95 

Electro-Masturbator for Men and Women

Red or Black??

Regular price: $58.95  Special price $29.95


4mm Cord or 4x2mm Tube (36") with 4 Cord Locks

Your Choice of 4mm Product:

Regular price: $34.95  Special price $29.95


2 Foot of 6x2mm Conductive Tubing and 2 Cord Locks

Regular price $29.95 

Electrified Locking Pins

Regular price $29.95 


Bi-Polar Power Cage Silicone E-Stim Cock and Ball Sheath

Regular price $29.95 


Special Price !! -Masterpiece-Bi-Polar Corona Stimulator & Insert

Regular price: $46.95  Special price $29.95

DIY 4 Piece Cock & Ball Conductive Silicone Set

Regular price: $38.95  Special price $29.95


Out of Stock - HD Steel Base Ring with Conductive Tube Insert

What Type of Connection?
Where are we shipping?

Regular price $29.95 


Shaking Horses 10 Pattern Head & Urethral Vibrator

Regular price $29.95 

Shaking Pony Vibrating - 6" Urethral Insert

Regular price $29.95 


Out of Stock - NAILED Silicone Ballstretcher OXBALLS

What Color Do You Want ??

Regular price $29.95 


Big Choker & Strangler with 8x2mm Cond Tubing

Regular price $29.95 

"Heaven & Hell" 6mm Cock Loop And Support Plate

Regular price $29.95 


ABS Double Conductive Rubber Loops 4mm

Regular price $29.95 


Bi-Polar Electric Penis Strap

Regular price: $42.95  Special price $31.95

Double Play 6mm Cock Electrode

Regular price $31.95 


TRI-SPORT XL Sportsling

Regular price $32.00 


Penis Head/Nipple Pump

Regular price $32.95 

15% Off - Rogue Erection Enhancer and Stimulator

Regular price: $38.95  Special price $33.10


Out of Stock -Dorsal Trigger Sound Holder - Up to 8mm & 12mm Diam

UpTo Sound Size You Want

Regular price $33.95 


33% OFF - Single Pole Silicone Cock & Ball Rings

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $34.95

Bi-Polar Electro Ball Parachute & Stretcher

Regular price $34.95 


Bi-Polar Head Stimulator w/Conductive Loop

Regular price $34.95 


Out of Stock - Alpha Plus Immersive Penis Stimulator

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $34.95

6x2 mm (1/4" x 1/8") Conductive Tubing with 2 Cord Locks

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $35.95


PleasurePack and add an extra loop

Choose Your 4th Conductive Loop:

Regular price $35.95 


Double Electrode "Rooster Booster" Special

Regular price $35.95 

6x2mm and 4mm or 4x2mm Tube DIY package with 4 cord locks

Choose Solid Cord or Tubing:

Regular price: $47.95  Special price $36.95


Double Gooster Booster

Regular price $36.95 


Single-Pole Cond Silicone Erection Rings - Blue

Regular price $37.95 

Pleasure Pack - 3 Cond Loops w/ Cord Locks

What Do You Want to Do ?

Regular price $37.95 


Bi-Polar Silicone Cock Ring Set

Regular price: $48.95  Special price $38.95


Golden Claw Head Urethral Plug

Regular price $38.95 

Electro-Tunnel - 2 Inch Outside Diameter Model

Order the 2" OD Here:

Regular price $38.95 


Estim Cock & Ball Strap w/6mm Urethral Insert

Regular price: $42.95  Special price $38.95


Out of Stock - NEW - Masterpiece with 3.5 Inch Beaded Insert

Regular price $38.95 

Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump

Regular price: $45.95  Special price $39.95


Enhance Travel Pump System

Regular price $39.95 


Bi-Polar Penis Sheath

Regular price $39.95 

Clear Acrylic Pumping Cylinders

What Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price: $69.95  Special price $39.95


Bi-Polar Short Sheath w/ 2.5mm audio wire

Regular price $39.95 


Bi-Polar Cock and Ball Strap

Regular price $39.95 

The Possessor Electro Sac

Regular price: $48.95  Special price $39.95


6mm Beaded SS Insert with 7.5mm Corona Stimulator

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $39.95


Cock Cage with Urethral and Perineum Stim

Regular price $39.95 

Stairway to Heaven - Yellow & Red ABS

What Color Do You Want ?

Regular price $39.95 


Out of Stock - 30mm (1.2') Electro-Ring E-Stim Systems

Regular price $39.95 


P3 Penis Pump - Clear Pliable Cylinder and Extra Seal

Regular price $40.95 

NEW - Cling-On 10x Vibrating Enhanser

Regular price: $74.95  Special price $41.95


35mm (1.4") Electro Ring from E-Stim Systems

Regular price $41.95 


Electro-Tunnel - 2.75 Inch Outside Diameter Model

Order the 2.75" OD Here:

Regular price $42.00 

Out of Order - 40mm (1.6") Electro Ring from E-Stim Systems

Regular price $43.95 


45mm (1.8") Electro Ring from E-Stim Systems

Regular price $45.95 


Out of Stock - 50mm (2") Electro Ring from E-Stim Systems

Regular price $47.95 

Lucifer's Ladder XL

Regular price $48.95 


Out of Stock - Folsom Electro Catether - Small (1/8" Diameter)

Regular price: $54.95  Special price $49.95


15% Off - Stretch-n-Stim Electro Device

Regular price: $69.95  Special price $49.95

Out of Stock - 9mm, 6 " Insert 7.5mm Ring - Bi-Polar Electrode

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $49.95


Out of Stock - 55mm (2.2") Electro Ring from E-Stim Systems

Regular price $49.95 


Out of Stock - 60mm (2.4") Electro Ring From E-Stim Systems

Regular price $51.95 

Out of Stock - 65mm (2.6") Electro Ring From E-Stim Systems

Regular price $53.95 


Hinged Locking Cock/Ball Rings

What Diameter do you want?
Electrify It with what Connection?

Regular price $59.95 


Lucifer's Stainless Steel CBT Chamber

Regular price: $65.00  Special price $59.95

Gates of Hell With Cum-Through Insert

Regular price: $64.95  Special price $59.95


Crush Electro Ball Press CBT Board

Regular price: $80.00  Special price $59.95


Magnetic Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher- 30mm Wide - .93 Pounds

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $59.95 

HD-Eston Blunt Spiked Cock Ring with Insert

Regular price $59.95 


Voltaic for Him - Deluxe Series

Regular price: $118.95  Special price $59.95


Kalis Teeth Spiked Chastity Device 2 Rows 1.75 Inch

Regular price $62.95 

Out of Stock - Folsom Electro-Catheter- Medium (3/16" Diameter)

Regular price $64.95 


Fusion 'Infinity' E-Pinwheel by Electrastim

Regular price $64.95 


Silicone Fusion 'Viper' Bi-Polar Cock Ring

Regular price $64.95 

ElectraRings Solid Metal Cock Rings (5 pack)

Regular price $64.95 



Regular price $68.95 


Bi-Polar Weighted Electro Ball Stretcher - 25% OFF

Regular price: $92.95  Special price $69.95

Urethral Spreader/Stretcher

Regular price: $77.95  Special price $69.95


Magnetic Stainless Ball Stretcher - Large 1.25 Pound Weight

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $69.95 


Out of Stock - Prison Bird Insert & Screw Locking Penis Ring

Regular price $69.95 

Out of Stock - ShockLock by OxBalls

Regular price $73.95 


Prince's Wand Solid Stainless Shaft

Regular price: $89.95  Special price $74.95


Out of Stock - Folsom Electro-Catheter - Large (1/4" Diameter)

Regular price: $79.95  Special price $74.95

Asylum - 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

Regular price: $87.95  Special price $77.95


Out of Stock - Single Pole 6mm (Hot Tip) Insert with Non-Cond

Please Specify Connection Type:

Regular price: $89.95  Special price $79.95


Steel Cock Cage/Chastity Device with or without Electro

Regular or Electrified?

Regular price $79.95 

Out of Stock - Doughnut Shaped Ball Stretcher 1# (450 grams)

Where are we shipping?
Add an Electrical Connection?

Regular price: $99.95  Special price $79.95


Zeus Arcana Electro Vibe Wand

Regular price: $136.50  Special price $79.95


E-Stim Lock-Down Device

Regular price $79.95 

NEW ITEM - POYO Stick - A True Helping Hand !!

Regular price $79.95 


Ball Crusher Electrode - Lockable and Non-Lockable

What Version Do You Want ??

Regular price $79.95 


The Repressor Chastity Cage and Silicone Urethra by Master Series

Regular price $83.95 

Out of Stock - Day & Night Prince Wand (Hollow Shaft !! )

Regular price: $129.95  Special price $89.95


Stainless Heavy 1.4# Ball Stretcher

Connection Banana, Snap or TENS
Where are we shipping?

Regular price: $109.95  Special price $89.95


Electro Humbler - Improved Version

Regular price: $99.95  Special price $89.95

Cell Mate - Electronic Bluetooth Activated Chastity Cage

What Model Do You Want?

Regular price: $179.95  Special price $89.95


Clone Duo-Huge 2-Pack Blue/Black Ball Stretchers

Regular price $91.95 


No Longer Available - Hells Bridge SS Ball Stretcher

Regular price $96.95 

Out of Stock - Jack Socket from Electrastim

Regular price $98.95 


Out of Stock - ElectraStim XL - Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker

Regular price $98.95 



Regular price $98.95