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 Plugs 'n Probes  

Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner - Spray on Formula

Regular price $6.50 


Out of Stock - Anal Eaze

Regular price $7.50 


Lube Launchers by Trinity Vibes

What Color ?

Regular price $9.95 

Little Pecker Plug - Single Pole Plug

I Want the Tubing

Regular price: $15.95  Special price $11.95


Frisky Inflatable Stimulator

Regular price: $19.95  Special price $14.95


Trainer Popper - Small Anal/Vaginal Insert

Do You Want the Tubing?

Regular price $14.95 

Out of Stock - Tapered Ball Popper

Want an Electrical Connection?

Regular price $14.95 



Regular price $14.95 


Out of Stock - Stainless Thing on a Ring - Great for Beginners

What Connection Do You Want?

Regular price $16.95 

Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Metal Electrodes Encased in Plastic

Regular price $19.95 


Butt Balloon Inflatable Vibrating Plug

Regular price $21.50 


Hollow Bi-Polar Plug - Conductive Silicone

Regular price $23.95 

Rock Candy Vibrating Dildo with Strap-On Harness

Regular price: $34.95  Special price $24.95


Bi-Polar Electrode and Vibrating Plume

Regular price $29.95 


Egg and Double Ridge Plug with Flexible Rubber Base

Regular price $29.95 

15% Off - Rogue Erection Enhancer and Stimulator

Regular price: $38.95  Special price $33.10


15% Off - Classic 2 Insertable Electrode

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $33.95


15% Off - Small Bi-Polar Contact Silicone Plugs

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $33.95

15% Off - Nimbus Small Silicone Plug

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $33.95


Zeus Acrylic and Stainless Bi-Polar Plugs

Please Indicate the Size You Want"

Regular price: $37.95  Special price $34.15


Zeus Electro Bullet

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $34.95

Out of Stock - Sparkie - Stainless Trainer Plug W/ Power Supply

Regular price $34.95 


Out of Stock - Beginner Bi-Polar Prostate Plug

Regular price $34.95 


Classic 6 - Bi-Polar Plug - 15% OFF

Regular price: $42.00  Special price $35.70

The Expander - Inflatable Plug with Removable Pump

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $36.95


FUSE Bi-Polar - Strap on Dildo or Plug

Regular price: $43.95  Special price $36.95


Combo E-Stim & Vibrator Probe/Dildo

What Color Do You Want?

Regular price $36.95 

Electro-Zinger Bi-Polar Prostate Plug w/Conductive Loop

Regular price $36.95 


15% OFF - Classic 4 - Insertable Electrode

Regular price: $45.00  Special price $38.25


Out of Stock - Classic 3 Insertable Bi-Polar Electrode

Regular price: $43.00  Special price $38.95

Bi-Polar Silicone Anal Amplifier

Regular price: $54.95  Special price $38.95


Large Bi-Polar Silicone Plug

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $39.95


Out of Stock - Large Bi-Polar Electro Dildo Wand

What Color Do You Want?

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $42.45

Electro Bi-Polar Anal/Vaginal Plug - 40% OFF

Regular price: $79.95  Special price $48.95


Combination EStim & Prostate Vibrator w/ Remote

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $48.95


Zeus - Surge Bi-Polar Prostate Stimulator

Regular price $49.95 

Bi-Polar Flash Plug with Control Box

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $49.95


Storm Bi-Polar Silicone Plug Men and Women

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $49.95


15% Off - Nimbus Large Blue Silicone Bi-Polar Plug

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $50.95

Out of Stock - SureShock Quad Gold Plated Probe

Regular price: $62.95  Special price $54.95


Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Gold Ring Contact Electro-Probe

Regular price: $64.95  Special price $55.25


Electro Magnetic Prostate Massager

Regular price $59.95 

Micro Bi-Polar Electrode by EStim Systems

Regular price $63.95 


Out of Stock - Folsom Anal/Vaginal Single-Pole Insert

Regular price: $69.95  Special price $64.95


The Rocker from Electrastim

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $64.95 

Cock Lock Intruder

Regular price: $129.95  Special price $67.95


15% Off - Voltaic E-Stim Kit

Regular price: $79.95  Special price $67.95


ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Probe

Regular price $78.95 

Out of Stock - Double Ridge Heavy Duty Plug - $10.00 OFF

Regular price: $89.95  Special price $79.95


"Mini" Bi-Polar Electro Plug

Regular price: $99.00  Special price $80.00


Heavy Duty Bi-Polar Plug with 3 Ridges - 28% OFF

Regular price: $119.95  Special price $84.95

Out of Stock - Conical Anal/Vaginal Plug - 30% OFF

Regular price: $124.95  Special price $87.50


The Magnum Bi-Polar from EStim Systems

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $88.95 


Curving Curt Bi-Polar Silicon Plug by MyStim

Regular price $88.95 

Out of Stock Flexing Flavio Bi-Polar Silicone Electrode by MyStim

Regular price $88.95 


EStim Systems Small Electro Egg

Regular price $88.95 


Flanged Bi-Polar Plug by E-Stim Systems, Ltd.

Regular price $94.95 

Out of Stock - "Midi" Bi-Polar Plug

Regular price: $119.00  Special price $95.20


No Longer Available - SexTek Single Pole Stimulator

Regular price $96.95 


Out of Stock -Twisting Tom Silicone Quad-Pole Electrode by MyStim

Regular price $98.95 

Out of Stock - EStim Systems Medium Electro-Egg

Regular price $98.95 


Fusion 'Habanero' Electro Prostate Massager

Regular price $99.00 


The Moaner-Bi-Polar from E-Stim Systems, Ltd.

Regular price $99.95 

Torpedo Plug by E-Stim Systems, Ltd.

What Model Do You Want?

Regular price $104.95 


The Deviant Bi-Polar Plug from EStim Systems

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $108.95 


E-Stim Systems - Large Electro Egg

Regular price $108.95 

Out of Stock - Bi-Polar WMCBP Anal/Vaginal Plug Version 2.0

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $109.95 


E-Bead 2.0 - E-Stim Systems

What Size Do You Want ?

Regular price $109.95 


Small Flo From EStim Systems

Regular price $109.95 

My Stim Stainless Bi-Polar Family of Plugs

Choose the Size Below:

Regular price $114.95 


MJ - Bi-Polar Electrode Satin or Polished

Satin or Polished ?

Regular price $114.95 


The Bobble from the Red Collection

Regular price $115.95 

Tadpole Bi-Polar Electro-Egg by ElectraStim

Where are we Shipping?

Regular price $119.00 


Large Flo from the Red Collection

Regular price $124.95 


Out of Stock - P.E.S. Prostate Stimulator Electrode

Regular price $129.95 

Out of Stock - PES Bi-Polar Acrylic 1" x 4" Plug

Regular price: $149.95  Special price $134.95


"The Maxi" - Bi-Polar Plug

Regular price $135.00 


The Black Collection Small

Regular price $139.95 

"The Wave"

Regular price $149.00 


Folsom Bi-Polar Acrylic Mini Plug

Regular price: $169.95  Special price $149.95


Out of Stock - Folsom Acrylic Bi-Polar Plug - Small

Regular price $149.95 

The Black Collection Medium

Regular price $149.95 


Out of Stock - Folsom - Junior Bi-Polar Plug

Regular price: $179.95  Special price $159.95


Out of Stock - Folsom Junior 4 - Banger!!! Quad Plug

Regular price: $189.95  Special price $159.95

Out of Stock - PES Bi-Polar Large Acrylic Plug

Regular price $168.95 


Out of Stock - Folsom Bi-Polar Acrylic Plug - Large

Regular price: $189.95  Special price $169.95


The Black Collection Large

Regular price $169.95 

The Intruder - By Electrastim

Regular price $174.95 


Out of Stock - "Rocket" - Bi-Polar Dildo

Regular price $175.00 


"Depth Charge" Flelible Bi-Polar Probe by ElectraStim

Regular price $175.00 

Folsom Bi-Polar 1..25" x 1" Diameter Straight Probe

Regular price $177.95 


Nobra ProToy Pulsator Vibrator

Regular price $190 


Out of Stock - PES Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes

Please Indicate Your Choice in Size:

Regular price $195.00 

Invader Bi-Polar HD Plug - By Electrastim

Regular price $199.00 


Out of Stock - P.E.S. Stanley Junior -Quad Pole Acrylic Electrode

Regular price $199.95 


Out of Stock - Folsom Quad "Four Banger" Plug Large or Small

Small or Large ??

Regular price: $229.95  Special price $199.95

The Intimidator Bi-Polar Plug by Electrastim

Regular price $239.00 


Not Available-P.E.S. Stanley - 4 Pole (Quad) Acrylic Anal/Vaginal

Regular price $279.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.