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 Chastity Devices  

Leather Ball Stretcher & Testicle Splitter

Regular price $9.95 


Digital Timer Lock with Cable

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $29.95


4 Strap Leather Cock Restraint

Regular price $29.95 

Out of Stock - Silicone Chastity Cage

Regular price $47.95 


Remote Control Electro Stimulation Penis Ring / Neck Collar

Regular price $49.95 


Bi-Polar Electro Chastity Cage A178-C

Regular price $49.95 

Tom's Spikes Cock & Ball CBT Device

Regular price $59.95 


Lucifer's Stainless Steel CBT Chamber

Regular price: $65.00  Special price $59.95


Gates of Hell With Cum-Through Insert

Regular price: $64.95  Special price $59.95

Crush Electro Ball Press CBT Board

Regular price: $80.00  Special price $59.95


HD-Eston Blunt Spiked Cock Ring with Insert

Regular price $59.95 


Chastity Cage with Estim - Includes Conductive Urethral Insert

Regular price $59.95 

Kalis Teeth Spiked Chastity Device 2 Rows 1.75 Inch

Regular price $62.95 


Prison Bird Stainless Insert and Screw Locking Penis Ring

Regular price $69.95 


Asylum - 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

Regular price: $87.95  Special price $77.95

Steel Cock Cage/Chastity Device with or without Electro

Regular or Electrified?

Regular price $79.95 


Electro Lock-Down Device - Bi-Polar - Zeus

Regular price $79.95 


The Repressor Chastity Cage and Silicone Urethra by Master Series

Regular price $83.95 

Deep Throat Locking Wand

Regular price: $109.95  Special price $99.95


Rimba CockTrap

Connection Banana, Snap or TENS
Where are we shipping?

Regular price: $109.95  Special price $99.95


Electro Humbler - Improved Version

Regular price $99.95 

Bi-Polar Electro Ball Press with Small Power Unit

Regular price $129.95 


Chastity Cock Cage

Regular price: $210.95  Special price $139.95


CockLock Intruder with Adjustable Urethral Insert

Indicate Shipping Destination:

Regular price: $159.95  Special price $139.95

MyStim Pubic Enemy No 1 The Vindictive Bi-Polar Cock Cage

Regular price $159.95 

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